African Proficient Engineering is a vibrant and energetic organisation that’s focused on developing new technology and building blocks that support our client’s growth and success across an array of demanding markets. We provide one-stop, turnkey solutions in electronics and embedded software that are technology agnostic and ingeniously innovative.

  • The range of electronic engineering services that we provide includes:
  • Internet of Things – innovative and bespoke Internet of Things (IoT) solutions
  • Linux – from embedded Linux to Blue Penguin
  • Mobile Development– customized and specialized mobile services and app development
  • ICT – complete data support with integration middle-ware and platform integration
  • Bespoke hardware – bespoke hardware solutions designed to client requirements and specifications

Elegant and brilliant, our services focus on the end result and we pride ourselves on our ingenuity and commitment to the extraordinary. From inventive Internet of Things (IoT) offerings, to apps that have been created to drive customer efficiencies, to Linux-based solutions and technologies, mobile development and bespoke hardware, African Proficient Engineering delivers.

Our team of highly qualified engineers focuses on crafting services that exactly match the needs of our clients. We ensure that the technology matches the requirements of your business and provide you with a working prototype to prove it. Every step of the process is carefully managed to ensure the final solution is suitable and we support you in going to market rapidly.