Our Approach

African Proficient Engineering is strongly service-orientated. Our approach is characterized by strong leadership from the principals and their personal management of projects. In many ways this is a unique feature of our firm. All the principals are like-minded in their preference for hands-on involvement rather than a supervisory or remote management role, nurturing long-term relationships based on mutual trust.

Our clients are kept informed, their needs are complied with, quality is ensured and we are totally committed in our endeavours to complete projects on time and within budget. This firm keeps abreast of the latest technology and developments in both the engineering and information technology industries, enabling us to offer innovative, cost-effective and appropriate engineering solutions.

The approach enables African Proficient Engineering to undertake a diversity of projects regionally and nationally. It also ensures that in every possible way, we meet the most exacting needs of our clients. Municipalities, regional and provincial authorities as well as private sector clients have reciprocated with continuing business through referrals based on expertise, quality of work and track record.

Our Vision

  • Ensure the meaningful participation of historically disadvantaged contractors in the construction industry
  • Champion the transformation of the industry to reflect the demographics of the country.
  • Become an institution that is truly South African with total commitment to good corporate governance and excellence.
  • Ensure our company's competitive advantage and build shareholder value by keeping a strong focus on the bottom line, while doing justice to our business philosophy.
  • Ensure that our Company is the organisation of choice to clients through good workmanship, safety, value for money and service excellence.